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2013-05-22, 13:59 Ireneusz Sanger

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Verdict of the jury

Grand PiK 2013, worth 10.000 PLN

  • DMITRIY NIKOLAEV, production ''Yalta game'' ( ''Jałtańska Gra'' ) – for brilliant interpretation of tradition and ability to create the world of the human feelings using the modern means

Special Mentions, worth 5.000 PLN each

  • Henryk Dedo, Waldemar Kasperczak (Fundacja ''Głos Ewangelii'' ), production ''Childhood Whispers'' ( ''Szepty Dzieciństwa '') - for presenting the simple story which occures the story about the most important issues: love, death and faith;
  • Małgorzata Żerwe, David Zane Mairowitz (Polish Radio Gdańsk), production ''Tunnels of love. Terminal: Las Vegas'' ( "Tunele Miłości. Przystanek Las Vegas'') - for impressing journalistic job, attractive and interesting form, colourful presentation of the world of provincial America, finally for personal approach to the topic;

Special Award worth 3.000 PLN

  • Waldemar Modestowicz (Theatre of the Polish Radio), production ''Report on Martial Law'' ( ''Raport o Stanie Wojennym'') - for moving presentation of the Poles' every-day reality in the times of underground ''Solidarność'' and for capturing variety of the human's attitude in the face of Martial Law.

Special Mentions

Financial Awards worth 1.000 PLN each:
  • Jiri Slavicinsky, production ''The Hour Between Wolf And Dog'' - for the attempt to capture what is elusive and for the author's ability of conveying the atmosphere of the moment;
  • David Zane Mairowitz, production ''Tonspur des Mauerfalls: Checkpoint Charlie'' - for the incredible used of the radio forms expressions in presenting the newest history of Europe.
  • Agata Rokicka (Polish Radio Szczecin). production "The memory gene'' (''Gen Pamięci'') - for demanding of justice settelment with the painful history
  • Magdalena Skawińska (Studio of the Reportage and Document of the Polish Radio), production ''I laugh in Polish'' (''Śmieję się po polsku'') - for showing that the history of the Polish Jewes can have a good continuation
Non financial awards
  • Adrian Chimiak, Magdalena Szybińska (Polish Radio Opole), productuon 'Lech, Czech and Rus - Czechoslovakia 68'' - for the attempt of presenting contemporary relations between Czechs and Poles in a perspective of dramatical events in the 1968'
  • Kamila Perka (Polish Radio Łódź), production ''You don't just raise the kids'' (''Dzieci się nie chowa'' ) for moving portrait of the mother , praise of the motherhood that is hard but cheer and sunny